She Embraces Challenging Work in Her Day to Day

Isabela is a Mechanical Engineer who began her career with Caterpillar in an intern nearly five years ago. As an intern in product engineering, she says she had the opportunity to develop her skills while expanding her enterprise knowledge.

Upon completion of her internship, Isabela continued her journey with Caterpillar, and today works to support welding robots as a Process Execution Analyst in Manufacturing Engineering.

“The coolest project I've ever participated in is my current work. I support welding robots analyzing their programming. It is a big challenge to put together two knowledge-intensive areas, robotics and welding. However, this is what motivates me to wake up every day and come to work,” says Isabela. “I like to think that every day I will learn new things and I’ll be able to help our factory process.”

Isabela says she enjoys exploring different challenges outside of work as well. Besides her career at Caterpillar, Isabela developed a volunteer program, where she is responsible for teaching Physics classes to students who want to start their University studies. She says she enjoys being able to pursue activities outside of work with the support from her employer.

“Caterpillar really encourages me in this volunteering and it’s extremely gratifying to see how many projects the company supports. Between so many important values, I am very proud to work in a place that values empathy with others.”

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