The Intern Experience: The Next Generation of World Builders

With each class of interns, Team Caterpillar is reminded of their power and impact. Caterpillar is fortunate to be a first step into the working world for many of the brightest minds entering the workforce. Our program is designed to offer as much impact on their career as they offer the enterprise.

Internships at Caterpillar are known for hands-on experiences and impactful work. Chris Del Vecchio, HR Manager, says, “Interns are the future leaders of Caterpillar.” As a global enterprise, fostering a pipeline of top talent by offering opportunities for young leaders to grow and learn through meaningful work is critical to ensuring Caterpillar remains an industry leader.

To deliver the most value to interns, Caterpillar’s program includes hands-on, real-world projects. Chris says, “Our interns are rarely working on spreadsheets or administrative tasks. Instead, they are doing the work of a full-time employee and contributing to building a better world. They are challenged to contribute real value during their internship.” Our interns recognize the value Caterpillar puts into their work. Corporate technology intern, Jeff Dang, said, “My main objective for this internship is to absorb as much as I can in order to make a lasting impact. One way I am moving towards this goal is by streamlining and facilitating the treasury onboarding process.” Equally as important to the work being done, intern supervisors have adjusted their methods of engaging with interns to promote connection and support. “The attention that the managers give to an intern makes me realize how important my contribution is,” said engineering intern, Premkumar S.

The drive to create a global impact through valuable learning experiences did not waiver in the face of a global pandemic. Instead, the program was shifted to accommodate new and ever-changing working environments, allowing much of the intern program to be hosted virtually. Interns from around the world have been plugged into a virtual community, where they are able to connect with other interns and interact with their teammates as they execute projects.

We are committed to fostering the growth of the next generation of doers to carry on our 95-year legacy. Are you ready to join the team that does the work that matters?