Innovation is at the Core of Caterpillar’s DNA and is Driven by the Doers

When Caterpillar is mentioned, some people picture our iconic iron products; but as a global leader in manufacturing, it is the innovation behind the iron that drives customer success. 

General Manager of China Research & Development Center, Dr. Erbing Shang shares that he enjoys having the capability to come up with an idea and make it a reality. The critical variable in the innovation equation is having the necessary technology available to bring ideas to fruition. Dr. Shang says that while many consider a company’s sales record as a success indicator, he believes the true measure lies within the company’s technology.

Shang says entrepreneurial spirit is present within Caterpillar teams in facilities around the globe. “The speed of the teams and their collaboration make me proud. When there’s an idea, the teams get to work. The innovation and entrepreneurial spirit aligned with the overall strategy gives Caterpillar customers a competitive advantage.”

Examples of this are the company’s autonomous, semi-autonomous, digital and electric solutions on many of their products. “These technologies benefit customers through improved safety, fuel savings, environmental sustainability, greater durability and higher productivity. Caterpillar engineers collaborate to bring technology solutions into the products we develop – as quickly as possible from idea to production.”

Director of Innovation and Emerging Technology, Dan Henderson, is quick to point out that innovation lies at origins of Caterpillar. He says, “The whole steel track idea that superseded wheels was critical in the agriculture industry. We then invented the wheel loader and are now focused on innovating the technology behind automation and other key areas.”

Dr. Shang and Dan both highlight the advancements in both automation and connectivity as digital solutions that are shaping the standard of excellence within our industries. These advancements and new innovations are only possible because of the talent that lives within Caterpillar. Dr. Shang says with pride, “Our employees have the chance to bring innovation forward and apply their skills and training on a huge stage. It’s up to you how you play on that stage.” Are you up for the challenge? 

Erbing Shang and Dan Henderson
Erbing Shang and Dan Henderson