A Black Belt in Work Life Balance: Using Your Outside Passions to Impact Your Work

Indika Perera has mastered the art of pursuing life’s passions – since starting karate in high school, she’s obtained a black belt not only in Karate, but work-life balance as well. As she pursued a career in IT, Indika continued to practice what was important to her and eventually became a national karate champion in Sri Lanka amongst many other titles.

Indika joined Caterpillar as a Systems Analyst, and within this role she has been able to put the skills she’s learned through Karate such as discipline, hard work, and positivity to the test.

“When I get a job or task to be completed in my role, I’m very positive and looking forward to working on new things because of the positivity I’ve gained from karate.”

She says while hard work is in her nature, the support she gets from management encourages her to reach her maximum potential. She says her supervisor is very positive and open to feedback, which helps her maintain motivation and feel encouraged to share ideas.

With karate being a solo sport, Indika recognizes Caterpillar employee’s ability to work in a group. She says it’s a strength to be able to work together to share information to get the best results.

While her team supports her efforts at work, she says her family motivates her passions at home. She has a free space at home to practice karate, which she does a couple hours a week.

“We all have our work life, and our family life,” Indika says, “Karate comes between all of that to create balance.”

Wherever your passions lie, Indika encourages pursuing it to grow valuable skills and bring a healthy mindset into work.

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