Inclusion At Work: How Team Caterpillar Keeps it Front and Center

Communication is a key skill for members of Team Caterpillar. With offices all over the world and an international customer-base, using the right language and creating an inclusive environment is critical to ensuring a positive customer and workplace experience. Kaila Judkins, a Remarketing Sales Analyst for Cat Financial in Nashville, TN, brings her passion for inclusion into every aspect of her career. In her role, Kaila compiles data to inform employees around the world on inventory sales. This requires a skilled approach to effective communication and Kaila works hard to use inclusive language, respect cultural nuances and ultimately aims to cultivate a safe space for those with whom she works. To support this, Kaila leverages her involvement within the Lambda Employee Resource Group (ERG) to fine tune her own inclusive practices and help others develop them.

Kaila recently completed a project that automates the product hold system, making it easier for customers to get the product they need. While automated systems are beneficial to the overall customer experience, person-to-person dialogue is equally vital. Kaila says, “Sometimes it’s scary to ask for help or to start a conversation that’s uncomfortable. Lambda helps me bridge that gap.” Through Lambda, which advocates for the LGBTIQA community, Kaila has completed and now facilitates Safe Space trainings, which guides people through having difficult conversations in the workplace. She says, “Going through this training as well as leading it has given me a better understanding of how people might feel like an outsider. It’s made me more deliberate in the language that I use and helps me to make sure that everyone feels as though there’s a seat for them at the table.  It’s less of a skill and more of a way of thinking but I think it’s made me a better teammate.”


In addition to promoting inclusion in the workplace, Kaila translates her passion into her local community, as well. She currently sits on several boards of nonprofits in Nashville, which she says Caterpillar is extremely supportive of. In fact, Kaila joined Caterpillar because of its community-mindedness. “Caterpillar offers everything that I was looking for in a company.  There’s so much opportunity for growth, a ton of community involvement, as well as a commitment to D&I,” she shares. Kaila would argue that this approach to culture is as beneficial for the enterprise as it is for the individual employee. She says, “When members of Team Caterpillar feel comfortable at work, the culture and performance of the company benefits.” Kaila’s commitment to inclusivity in her job function and her community is admirable. So, what’s next for her? “As for career aspirations—seeing where the wind blows! Ultimately, I’d like to be in a role that allows me the opportunity to see the world while problem solving. Stay tuned.”

Inclusion isn’t just a buzzword at Caterpillar. It’s a commitment. Employees like Kaila have taken advantage of a wide network of ERGs that were designed with our employees in mind to enhance their employee experience and career mindset.  Through connection and communication, employees can build a community while celebrating what makes individuals unique. We call this the Power of Everyone. Start building a career that matters today.