Synergy for a Global Team Driven by Inclusion and Culture

“I was surprised with the level of importance the company put on inclusion and culture.”

When Yaemi Kamae joined the Caterpillar accounting team in Akashi, she said she appreciated the focus the enterprise has on the culture of inclusion and respecting individual ideas to enable the best work.  This became particularly clear to Kamae when her team began to implement a new accounting system, and were invited to collaborate with peers from across the globe.

“Everyone had a different background and experience but the differences created a great synergy to help bring ideas to life, said Kamae. We worked with people from India, Singapore and America.”

At Caterpillar, you can begin your diverse career in countless fields of work and do it with some of the best minds in the business.  Kamae believed the synergy on her team was achieved through the diversity of the people she was working with, because everyone had different experiences and points of view, which ultimately helped them conceptualize new and innovative ideas.

“From this experience, I learned the importance of hearing all types of opinions from others and then working together as a team to achieve the best result,” stated Kamae.

Your skills, ideas and personality should play a role in your career and your future. At Caterpillar, you can explore endless opportunities and job roles, all within one company. As you collaborate with talented peers, producing innovative ideas and technologies, you’ll make a difference doing work that matters—to you and the world. 

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