College Students Participate in Recent Human Resources Case Competition

Caterpillar recently hosted its second annual student case competition where 14 teams from multiple universities across the United States studying Human Resources and other related fields competed using a real Caterpillar business problem; development of a talent strategy for digital recruitment.

Teams were judged based on their analysis of the problem, the impact of their solution on the development of a talent strategy and their implementation and communication plan for the proposed solution. 

Students stated that this experience “was a great opportunity to apply what we have learned in our studies to a true business opportunity and need”.

Three teams came out on top and were awarded accordingly:

1.      University of Illinois – Led by Annalisa Roncone (Team members: Sarai Almanza, Kirby Toalson, Adrian Guereca, Chen (Erica) Wang, and LC Lloyd)

2.      Texas A&M University – Led by Amy Preaux (Team members: Vincent Garcia, Hong Siu, and Krista Boivie)

3.      Rutgers University – Led by Kimberly Iannarone (Team members: Nick Veronsky and Laura Fischer)

Upon completion of the competition, Caterpillar is looking to implement several of the student’s proposed solutions.  The overall experience was positive for the students and Caterpillar judges alike.

“This was a great competition & amazing experience for all who were involved. There were many great learnings to apply to our business in both the short & long term,” said Jen Art, Caterpillar, “this experience was really a win-win, as it opened our teams' eyes to different ways to think about talent acquisition in the digital space while providing the students with real-world problems to solve.”

 We are grateful to the teams for their participation in this year’s case competition and for providing an innovative external prospective. Are you interested in joining the team that does work that matters? Search and apply today.