Griffin Employees Are Using Technology to Create Safer Production Environments

At Caterpillar, production employees have a lot to keep in mind when doing their jobs every day. They’re responsible for building quality products that help our customers around the world, and they must do it safely. These employees help identify underlying safety hazards and work each day to prevent potentially harmful situations.

One Caterpillar facility is putting technology to the test in terms of promoting a safe working environment. Injury is often a risk in the production environment– so, in 2017the Griffin facility launched a pilot program where approximately 30 employees wore small, electronic units on their belts/pants that used advanced algorithms to detect when an employee was performing a high-risk lift.

When a high-risk lift was about to take place, the unit provided the employee feedback in the form of a vibration, which alerted him/her to make a change in how they were performing the lift—saving their back and shoulder from accumulated stress over time.

This pilot showed positive results and impacted Griffin’s daily safety procedures. The result of this study has improved the overall safety at the facility, and provided valuable data for leadership teams to better understand working conditions and risks across the facility.

With about 650 people in their facility, the devices have also sprung healthy competition between employees. With an instant feedback model, employees are working to beat their coworkers scores at the end of the day, which encourages an even safer environment.

Bill Hayes, Griffin’s EHS and security manager, says the new technology has his team working more safely, and having fun while doing it.

At Caterpillar, our employee’s work enables our progress. We pride ourselves on working to improve working environments and develop your career. Want to join us? Search and apply today!

Griffin Facility Employees
Griffin Facility Employees