Future World Builders: First-Hand Lessons Toward Creating Future Success

March 21, 2023

Development matters. It’s an investment that rewards not only the individual, but also the team and the community. As we look towards developing a diverse and talented global workforce, programs aimed to benefit young students play an integral role. 

In 2022, Caterpillar expanded the Student Trainee Program to Dallas-area schools. Today, 11 students are part of the program and contributing to teams across the organization. See what a few of them had to say about how their internship is positively impacting their future!

Lily, Zachary, and David

Lily B… “The Caterpillar Student Trainee program has provided me with many experiences and opportunities that most high school students do not normally receive. I have had the chance to connect with others who share similar interests, dive deeper into the world of onboarding and orientation, and help make Cat Reman an even stronger division. So far, my favorite project has been helping design and rework the Reman SharePoint page, and watching my creative skills be used to represent Caterpillar’s excellence. The Cat family has been so welcoming, and this program has led me to grow professionally and personally. I cannot wait to see what other exciting things I get to accomplish through this internship!”

Vanessa with Cat Swag

Vanessa R… “In my time working at Caterpillar, not only have I acquired bragging rights to stand apart from my classmates, but I have also gained a surge of pride knowing I have been given the opportunity to work for such an amazing company. Despite the ideology many people have of a bland corporate world, Caterpillar stands apart from those standards creating an environment that is both welcoming and enjoyable for all its employees.” 

Natalie with Cat Swag

Natalie S… “I love working for Caterpillar because the environment is very welcoming, flexible, and professional. I have learned so much from the team, such as, how to schedule meetings, the importance of communication, how beneficial feedback is, the importance of asking questions, etc. Overall, the Student Trainee Program is an amazing opportunity that will give any student a challenging, invaluable, and exciting experience.”

David with Cat Swag

David N… “The Student Trainee Program has taught me a lot of valuable experience that will set me up for future success including time management and professional communication skills. It has been a blast meeting my coworkers and getting first-hand lessons on how to be successful in my future career!”

We are proud these students have chosen meaningful assignments at Caterpillar as part of their career journey. We look forward to being able to continue giving back to the communities we serve through this program - and are excited for the opportunity to positively impact the future workforce through the mentorship of young professionals.

Did you know Caterpillar funds STEM programs in our local schools? 

A Dallas high school program called Girls Engineering and Robot Society (GEARS) is the recent recipient of funding from Caterpillar’s Senior Technology Leadership Forum outreach group. GEARS highlights stories of women in engineering and increases female student participation at engineering or robotics activities and competitions. The funds from Caterpillar will help cover costs for up to 100 students and teachers at local Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAMS) competitions. We’re proud of Caterpillar’s mission to sustain a diverse STEM talent pipeline and promote our leadership in advanced technologies while strengthening our communities.

Justin with Cat Swag