Special Accounts Manager // Lifelong Learner

Fred Liu is an industry vet with over 20 years of experience and believes that now is a great time to be at Caterpillar.

In 1998, Fred graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology. After school, he joined the Shandong Engineering Machinery factory (SEM) and served in various capacities such as: millwright, after service trainee, salesman, export representative and assistant export manager. In order to continue developing his career experience and exposure, Fred joined the Caterpillar China Financial Leasing team (CCFL) in 2006.

Fred joined the Caterpillar team as a Territory Manager, and has held several roles since then, his most recent being a Special Accounts manager.

“The best part about working for Caterpillar is the organizational culture and work environment, which I feel makes the company stand out in an otherwise competitive industry.”

Fred recalls in 2012 when he worked with a large customer who owned multiple coal mines. With the financial downturn, the customer experienced serious cash flow issues and had trouble paying their contracts. Fred and his division (CCFL) worked with the customer to help them manage their portfolio and restructure debt to make a win-win situation.

He saw this as an opportunity to go out of his way for a customer in order to build a long-term relationship.

Looking back at his 20 years of service, Fred says in order to succeed in your career, one should be self-motivated, follow career development, and always be ready for the next move.

“It’s extremely important to be focused on one’s current job and targets while being open to new learning opportunities.”

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