Advancement Starts With a Hands-on Approach

November 23, 2021

Caterpillar’s Wuxi campus manufactures multiple engines that power machines in working environments around the world. As the output of the facility has grown over the last few years, so has the complexity of the products being manufactured. Facility Manager Ron Wu says that these complexities are no match for the caliber of employee working at the facility.  

Ron says, “Our engines are the heart of Caterpillar’s products and machines. They serve a critical role in enabling customer success.” Because of the critical nature of the work, there are many opportunities for employees to learn and improve their skills on the job, a benefit of the lean nature of the facility. Talent is recognized and rewarded with opportunities to learn new skills and take on additional responsibilities. Ron says that this is especially true for the production employees who are a critical piece of the employee population. “More products coming off the line translates to more job opportunities. Individuals in these roles gain hands-on experiences and their work directly influences the quality of the engines that are then used in products all over the world.”  

Ron is keenly aware of where a career in manufacturing at Caterpillar can take someone. He started in the company as a technician and worked his way up. Each experience he had helped him gain a better understanding of the enterprise which prepared him to take on the role of facility manager. “People in manufacturing roles bring customer value to life. There are opportunities to develop a meaningful career and experience new things because of the broad range of roles within facilities. All these roles work together to deliver the value that the enterprise expects.”  

Ron would advise those considering a manufacturing career at Caterpillar to keep learning. “Wherever you enter the company, deliver your value. Take on more responsibility to learn and opportunities will come for you to demonstrate your capabilities. Gradually, your self-confidence and motivation will help you hit that next level in your career.” Ron also shares that a lean organization is a learning organization. That learning doesn’t stop at the parameters of your job, though. Instead, it means having the motivation to do your job better and more efficiently than it’s been done before. He says, “That motivation is what sets people apart from the rest.”  

Are you ready to put your passion and motivation to work in an environment that powers our customers success through manufacturing?  

Ron Wu
Ron Wu