Communications Intern // Community Connector

As a Caterpillar intern, Ethan Rexer says his role helps connect people in the community. His work is focused around finding the best ways for Caterpillar to connect with our employees, customers, and people in various communities where we live and work. He says Caterpillar and its employees’ driving focus is on helping our customers build a better world, which is a win for everyone.

To bring a vision like that to life, Ethan says it takes drive and an innovative spirit. He says when working for an industry leader you must be willing to continually grow and evolve as an employee to remain on the cutting edge.

“To be a Caterpillar employee it takes drive and an innovative spirit. Caterpillar does a great job at fostering a collaborative culture and focusing employees work so we are all working toward the same goal.”

One of Ethan’s proudest moments as a Caterpillar employee was when his business unit was assisting in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria. They were supplying small generators to help the people of the island have reliable power.

“Caterpillar’s people and products are focused on making the world better and I am proud to come into work every day and contribute to a company who truly makes a positive impact.”

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