International Projects for Global Impact - The Caterpillar Way

At Caterpillar, our teams work where our customers are. That means that we have locations in over 150 locations in countries around the world. Not only does this benefit the customer, it also provides opportunities for our employees to gain international experience. China-based engineer, Eric Wang, was assigned to work with a US-based team to start the localization project of cooling packages for large generator sets. With the support from mentors and a “doer” mentality, Eric will tell you that this experience has made him a better employee.

Having completed the Engineering Rotational Development Program, China-based engineer Eric Wang had already experienced three different job roles within his first 18 months at Caterpillar, giving him a well-rounded view of the company as a young professional. “This experience helped me to understand the lifecycle of a machine, from product design, manufacturing, validation, application and ultimately to the end customer. It set up a solid foundation for my design work,” he said. Through the rotational program, Eric was given a high-level view of Caterpillar’s global presence, which he was able to capitalize on when he was assigned a project that required him to work closely with a US-based team.

Eric said that there is a lot to take into consideration to successfully execute an international project: language barriers, time zones, and more. Because Eric didn’t have previous experience with an international assignment, he was given two mentors to help guide him through the project’s completion. Through his mentors’ support and a determination to succeed, he found immense value in the opportunity and grew as a professional through the process. “This experience has expanded my knowledge and exercised my communication and project management capabilities, which has greatly benefited me in my long-term career goals.”

Eric knows that the work he does impacts the reputation of Caterpillar as a global leader in manufacturing. If you asked Eric what the top traits of a Caterpillar employee are, he would say simply, “A doer who works hard to achieve dreams.” Our global team is made up of doers and dreamers. Are you ready to do the work that matters?