Cultivating Connection Through Rotational Development

Many young professionals joining Caterpillar choose to start their career journey in a rotational development program to gain exposure to the enterprise. For Anjali Ramachandran, the Engineering Rotational Development Program (ERDP) provided her hands-on experience with the products that drove a deeper connection to her work.

The first month of Anjali’s Engineering Rotational Development Program provided tactical training to learn about engineering within Caterpillar. During that time, she received a crash course in Caterpillar’s product portfolio to set the stage for her rotations.  Anjali’s first rotation was with the New Product Introduction (NPI) team in the Thiruvallur facility as they prepared for the pilot and build of a new machine. Anjali shared that this type of experience was extremely rewarding, as she was able to gain exposure to the building process in a hands-on capacity. “When you are building the machine on your own, you get to ask questions to experienced managers. Getting to visualize what you’re going to design as an engineer is the best kind of learning before entering the design phase,” she said.

Anjali’s next rotation was spent with the Product Support Team in the same facility, doing field follow ups on the pilot machine that she had helped build during her first rotation. “We can’t always predict issues or failures in new machines so the Product Support Team reports failures and collaborates with the design team to work out the kinks before a product goes into full production.”

Not only did the rotation provide Anjali the chance to work closely with the products, it also offered opportunity for leadership exposure. “Through my interactions with leadership, I was able to learn about their careers, which was very inspiring. I could see how they got to where they currently are.” Now a full-time employee, Anjali continues to leverage the deep connections with Caterpillar products and professionals she encountered during the rotational program.

We believe in the power that meaningful experiences can have on the career trajectory of young professionals entering the workforce. If you’re ready to cultivate connection and build a career that matters, search and apply today.