Caterpillar Focuses on the Future of STEM at Engineering Open House

Caterpillar focused on the future of the industry by attending an Engineering Open House (EOH) at the University of Illinois. EOH is one of largest run student science fair in the country, currently running almost 100 years strong. The purpose of the event is to focus on STEM outreach and provide a space for people of all ages to explore areas of math and science by roaming the large campus full of corporate sponsors.

 “The event is a great way to connect with students of all ages, from college students and their complex research projects to 1st and 2nd graders who are in awe of our equipment and everyone in between,” said David Austin, a Caterpillar employee who volunteered at the event.

Caterpillar’s involvement has spanned many years, bringing volunteers and machines to interact with attendees and inform them on careers in the STEM field. The reactions range far and wide: some people glance and move on, while some children stop and take control of the conversation, surprising volunteers with their level of interest.

Grant Klobuchar, a facilitator of Caterpillar’s presence at the event said: “the thing that I love about this is connecting specifically with students who have a creative desire and interest – they shock you with how much they know about these things and about Caterpillar.”

With STEM focused careers being more critical than ever, Caterpillar’s goal is to recruit talent on a personalized level by investing in all ages through events like these.

Kyle Cline, a Caterpillar Digital employee says his career journey started as a kid when he first visited EOH. He says this experience was a driving point to his future engineering career. As a student at the University of Illinois, he had the opportunity to build projects and present at EOH. Now, as a Caterpillar employee, everything has come full circle as he helps showcase Caterpillar’s innovation.

“I love EOH and am grateful to be a part of Caterpillar’s team,” said Kyle, “The event is a perfect fusion of technology, innovation, education, research, private industry, and FUN!

At Caterpillar, STEM careers are vital to our success. Want to join us? Search and apply for jobs today!