A Team of Extraordinary Operators Who Wear Many Hats

A Caterpillar Demonstrator Instructor is a highly skilled equipment operator who specializes in demonstrating to our customers and dealers how to effectively and efficiently leverage Cat products and services.

There is no such thing as a typical work-day at the Demonstration and Learning Centers. It is a fast-paced and ever-changing job role that is centered around customer service and driving success to the industries we serve.

“I have been with Caterpillar for five years now, I have learned a lot about the machines and the applications the products are used in, and there is really no end to the learning.  We learn something new every day and interact with a variety of customers coming in and out of the facility”, said Erik Esposito, a Demonstrator Instructor from the Edwards location.

The demo centers are comprised of small teams of extraordinary operators who wear several hats.  With a team motto of "perfect is close enough," the DI’s serve as the forefront for interaction with our customers, and bring to the role an exemplary amount of credibility as they have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field operating heavy equipment.  Marty Dains, Marketing Manager at the Edwards IL facility, says the dynamic of the group can best be defined as comradery, “when you get a group of people together who not only thrive on their individuality, but also being part of a team that is doing something bigger, well it’s really cool to watch it all unfold.”

While the team may be small, their impact is big, the one constant: dedication to perfection and full commitment to customer service.

Are you interested in joining the team of world class operators? Tryouts are being held for the Edwards IL location August 3, register now!