Why Early Talent Matters: Caterpillar Internships

May 20, 2021

Each summer, Caterpillar welcomes a new class of interns made up of individuals from around the world ready to make an impact, and this year we were excited to welcome more than 300 interns representing a range of skills, backgrounds and experiences.

“Interns are the future. They come to us with the outstanding capability to look at projects and bring a unique perspective. This fosters innovation and enables their impact on the company,” said Recruitment and Early Talent Manager Chris Del Vecchio. When an intern joins a Caterpillar team to support a current project, they join of a cross section of experience levels that drive diversity of thought and an opportunity to view projects differently, which drives positive results. 

“I chose Caterpillar because of the opportunities that working for such a well-established company presents. Beyond this, the prospect of being able to work for the company that produces the machines that truly fascinated me as a kid is exciting. Over the course of the summer, my goal is to strengthen my professional engineering skills. I am looking forward to working with systems that I have less experience in and, in turn, become a more well-rounded engineer. My team has been extremely welcoming, and it is going to be fantastic to work with them on achieving their targets,” said engineering intern Tyler Glick.

Caterpillar’s ultimate goal is to transition interns into full-time Caterpillar employees. “We often talk about what it will take to sustain and grow from a strategy standpoint. If we don’t have the workforce behind the strategy, growth isn’t possible. This is why we carefully select interns and invest in early talent,” Chris said with regard to Caterpillar’s early talent program and focus. By thoughtfully placing interns with teams and projects, they receive firsthand experience and exposure to the projects that they could be part of as a full-time employee.

We are committed to empowering the growth of the next generation of doers to carry on our more than 95-year legacy. Are you ready to join the team that does the work that matters? 

Caterpillar Interns
Caterpillar Interns