Driving Growth in Africa

November 17, 2021

There’s a philosophy prevalent in many parts of Africa called Ubuntu, which means “I am because we are.” At Caterpillar, the Africa Business Resource Group (ABRG) is focused on contributing to talent development in Africa. ABRG Global Chair Charly U. says, “The biggest export of Africa is not its raw material, but its talent. Fundamentally, ABRG’s position is to leverage its members’ knowledge of Africa and its regional opportunities to support Caterpillar’s growth within the region.”

Charly shares that ABRG’s goals include supporting existing Caterpillar efforts to drive sustainable solutions which enhance Caterpillar’s regional presence in Africa. The group serves as an internal consultant to ensure Caterpillar’s impact on the region leads to business growth. Charly believes that collaborating with the regional talent is key to achieving these objectives and shares that ABRG advises on community outreach and investment, upskilling and workforce readiness and overall advocacy. The ABRG also reaches into local communities to drive participation in the Technicians for Africa program, which is provided at no cost to participants and educates and trains aspiring African service technicians.

Charly says, “Caterpillar is part of the talent solution for Africa. This is why we are a business resource group: supporting the growth of the Caterpillar brand, dealer network and people of the region.”

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EM Solutions in South Aftrica
EM Solutions in South Aftrica