“Work at Caterpillar ensures my professional and personal development.”

Divayashree, an electrical engineer, joined the Caterpillar India team in 2016.  Various trainings, mentoring, and development opportunities made available to Divayshree through Caterpillar have helped make her transition from a student to a professional smooth and simple she said.  “The support, guidance and motivation I get from my peers and leaders always encourages me to embrace new challenges, take up new opportunities and learn and grow in all aspects of my life.  Work at Caterpillar ensures my professional and personal development,” Stated Divayshree.

Caterpillar, recognizes the need to celebrate diversity and the true uniqueness of each individual, while ensuring the inclusion of ideas and contributions, this is encouraged through a variety of Employee Resource Groups within the Enterprise.  In addition to her work at Caterpillar, Divayashree is involved in several Employee Resource groups, and says she is happy to be a part of each of the groups and specifically enjoys her membership in the Young Professions group and Women’s Initiative Network.

There’s more to work at Caterpillar than just the work itself.  We make sure our employees feel continuously challenged while also supported. We celebrate the diversity of our team, while also working together as one Caterpillar

“I am actively engaged in various projects involving cross-functional global teams and I am thrilled to witness my theoretical knowledge being applied in product development,” says Divayashree.

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