'“My Title Remains the Same, but the Work I Do is Constantly Changing.”

In the summer of 2018, Devin Williams accepted his first Caterpillar internship in Waco, TX with the logistics department. This year, he’s returned, to work as a manufacturing intern in Mossville, IL. Devin says he returned to Caterpillar because of the opportunity to advance his engineering skills and learn new things every day.

“Working for such a great, world renown company would peak anyone’s interest,” said Devin, “Caterpillar just happens to have the same hardworking values that I do as well.”

Devin says the work environment within the enterprise has allowed him to thrive and work at his own pace. He says being surrounded by like-minded individuals, who get the work done to improve the world’s technology, widens his range of knowledge. 

“The great thing about Caterpillar employees is that everyone is here to help each other and get work done. There is no competitive atmosphere about who can climb the ladder the fastest, it’s simply about making progress as an individual, and for the company.”

What Devin finds the most fulfilling in his role is the variability in his day to day activities. Whether it be designing, testing or volunteering with his colleagues, there is no monotonous rut to fall into. He says that even though his job title doesn’t change, each day he gets to work on something different that he feels provides value to him and the company.

Being able to make a career out of simply doing what I enjoy is motivating enough to get out of bed in the morning. Everyday there could be a new design or testing project that has different challenges than the previous one, which allows me to learn and better myself as an individual.”

Devin is completing work every day that improves himself and Caterpillar as a whole. Want to do work that matters? Search and apply for internships today!