Designed for Impact

“I always wanted to work on something I could see. Caterpillar machines change the world in different forms. Maybe you’re building new roadways or working in landfills. That’s the bigger picture. There is yellow iron to be seen everywhere so to be a part of building it is a great feeling.”  Kea Evans is a Design Engineer for the Medium Tractor Engine Installation and Cooling Team. Passion has never been something Kea lacks, and when the opportunity arose to gain experience at Caterpillar while studying engineering, she grabbed it.

Kea was hired on as a college freshman through the Parallel Co-Op Program that Caterpillar offers where college students work part time during the school year and full-time in the summer months directly with a Caterpillar team. She was able to work with different teams on Motor Graders, Large Tractors, and Medium Tractors. Kea built her Co-Op around her class schedule ensuring academics took priority. With a focus on design, Kea’s internship had her working on Motor Graders, Large Tractors and Medium Tractors. Each experience helped her better understand the business and how she could benefit the enterprise through her work. “The network I created throughout my internship was great. I worked with three product groups in two different facilities before I even graduated.”

Upon graduation Kea entered the Engineering Development Program (EDP), which gave her two rotations over the course of 10 months, offering in-depth experience in building and testing products. Kea would tell you that her rotations, along with her time in school studying to become a design engineer, have helped her become well rounded in what she does today.  She says that her internship and time in the development program helped set her up for success because it offered networking opportunities, visibility to other parts of the enterprise and exposure to the work of other teams.

As the daughter of a small business owner who grew up working alongside her father, Kea reflects on the broad customer-base that uses Caterpillar products. She says, “I’m proud to see Cat machines serve the little guy and the big guy.” At Caterpillar, your work matters. Find your fit today.