Solutions-Driven Mentality Meets Customer Safety Challenge

October 26, 2021

What happens when a customer comes to Team Caterpillar with a challenge that could save lives on the jobsite? We get to work. “Our number one priority is understanding the challenges that customers face in the workplace and then working with internal teams to find solutions to those problems. We are a solutions provider,” says Marketing Manager Joel Grimes. How does Caterpillar become a solutions provider? By listening to our customers’ goals and challenges and partnering to make them work. The Building Construction Products team demonstrated this commitment to our customers when they found a way to install remote operating technology on small wheel loaders to meet a company’s safety needs.

Team Caterpillar was approached by a company that transports resources via barges up and down the Mississippi River. Small wheel loaders are used by operators to move materials on the barges but when it was determined that having operators present on the barges posed a major safety risk, they turned to Team Caterpillar to develop a solution to keep materials moving and operators safe. The solution? Cat Command’s remote operating technology. The complication? It had never been installed on a small wheel loader before.

Caterpillar teams across the enterprise worked together to develop an installation kit for this application, which effectively solved the company’s needs and turned them into a new Caterpillar customer. This innovative application of existing technology is a great example of the ways that Team Caterpillar works together to drive customer success. A solutions-driven mentality is a critical trait for Caterpillar employees and was the key force behind this success story. Do you have what it takes to join the team? #iAmCaterpillar

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