Removing Barriers through Cultural Education

January 24, 2022

Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group (CCRG) Global Chair, Yingying K. says, “The value of cultural awareness is hard to quantify, but it does get rid of the fear of the unknown for those who don’t have much experience with Chinese culture. This creates a more collaborative and inclusive environment where business can thrive.” CCRG is an example of the value derived from harnessing the knowledgebase that exists internally to support the business. The 400+ members of CCRG exist primarily in the United States where they provide educational resources to empower Caterpillar teams to better understand Chinese culture as a way to drive more authentic connection with customers, employees and dealers from the region.

Yingying beams with pride as she shares CCRG’s support of the global Dealer Customer Interpretation program. Through this program, CCRG members host and provide interpretation services for Chinese dealers and customers who visit the United States. International travel can be a stressful experience, especially when language barriers and cultural differences are present in the destination. The ability of CCRG members to offer a sense of familiarity to visitors lends to the company’s commitment to a continued focus on inclusion.

Team Caterpillar is as diverse as the customers we serve, and employee resource groups (ERGs) serve as a tremendous resource for Caterpillar employees to collectively learn and grow together and from each other.