Welding Challenge Puts Skills to the Test

Caterpillar’s success is due to the quality of our products. The quality of our products is ensured by our global manufacturing teams. Without their skilled hands, the caliber of machines that our customers come to expect from Caterpillar would not be achievable. Because of this, it is critical to invest in their continued skill development. The team at Caterpillar Xuzhou Limited (CXL) did just that through the launch of a Welding Skills Competition to drive continuous improvement.

Twenty-nine employees recently competed in the Welding Skills challenge, which focused on multi-layer welding for products in the large excavator line-up. Completed parts were scored by section managers and team leaders based on a comprehensive evaluation. This friendly competition reinvigorated the team’s enthusiasm for welding and encouraged them to continuously improve their welding skills.

Rick Xia, CXL General Manager, congratulated the winners on their great performance and recognized the efforts made by the production line on quality improvement. Not only did participants enjoy the competition, but it resulted in improved performance in key production indicators.  

Well done, CXL, for upholding Caterpillar’s commitment to building the products that help our customers build a better world! Join the team that builds what matters today