Turning Life's Challenges into Opportunities

February 8, 2023

"First, understand that you are joining a company that is almost a hundred years old. Not many people stay in a company for life anymore, but many Caterpillar employees do, and there is a reason for that. So, if you are looking for a long career, then Caterpillar is a good fit." – Tim L.

When Tim's previous company shut its doors unexpectedly, he had to make a quick mid-life career change, taking a manufacturing role at Caterpillar after working in an office role his whole life. 

"I needed a job because I was going to propose to my future wife, so it was the wrong time to be without benefits and a steady paycheck," said Tim. "Caterpillar had opened its Victoria facility about six months prior to this, and my buddy Nick had just started working there. We were friends on social media, and still are, and he made these great posts about how he loved his job, how he felt like he belonged and was just really proud to be there. Man, I wanted that so badly." 

In just ten years, Tim has held six roles. He started his Caterpillar journey as an entry-level assembler on the factory floor, assembling excavators. After building for three years, he had the opportunity to try his hand as an inspector and was rotated through different areas in the plant for a year. 

"I loved being an inspector because I got to drive the machines. I am basically a six-year-old in a grown man's body, and that was the closest I could get to piloting a giant robot like in science fiction movies," said Tim. 

He then moved on to become a training coordinator, where he partnered with the local college as a liaison for the teachers, giving the student trainees the care they needed for their first two weeks on the job to prepare them for their move to the factory floor. Tim quickly advanced through several other roles, including a section manager and recruiting talent developer, before taking his current role as a recruiter for Caterpillar's Product Support and Logistics Division. 

When asked about Caterpillar's culture and what he looks for in the next generation of talent, Tim responded, "The thing I like about Cat is that there is no real answer to this. We drive on diversity and multiple cultures to get things done. Someone who is open-minded pairs well with a traditionalist because you have two sets of thinking working towards a goal. I love the way that you can feel involved, especially with Employee Resource Groups, mentors and coworkers." 

At Caterpillar, our employees can define their career path with opportunities across an incredible mix of business areas, roles, responsibilities, and geographic regions. Our teams have a variety of options and support to help them pursue their career and live the life they want for themselves. 

"I love being able to invite people to join Caterpillar. I love it when I meet someone who really wants the job, and I am able to offer it to them," said Tim. "I've traveled across the country and have given the same good news I got ten years ago: Welcome to Caterpillar."