Impactful Intern to Driven Team Member

Beyond the yellow iron Anna Ferraro didn’t know much about Caterpillar, it was while studying for her masters at Texas A&M that she became aware of the opportunities the global enterprise had to offer. Anna joined Caterpillar as a summer intern in the HR department, where she helped develop the strategy to attract early talent. She extended her internship through the fall, training Caterpillar’s US college recruiting teams between classes.

Anna’s peers took notice of the caliber work that she was tasked with. “We were all in the same program, so everyone had an internship with Fortune 50 or Fortune 100 companies. I would say I had a better experience than most.” As her internship came to an end Anna began receiving phone calls from leaders and directors who wanted her to consider transitioning to Caterpillar full time. “Seeing leaders so involved in recruiting me was something that really opened my eyes. Like, wow, they really care,” Anna said.

Ultimately, Anna accepted a full-time position with Caterpillar in the Human Resources Leadership Development Program. This program gives young professionals, like Anna, the chance to work with multiple teams and business units to gain a well-rounded view of the enterprise. Her advice for those considering Caterpillar is to bring your big ideas to work with you. “If you have a job role or a project in mind that you know you want to get more experience in, Caterpillar has it. Ask yourself what you want to chase down and know you have the opportunity to do that.” 

Caterpillar interns are presented with real business challenges. As a global company, there are endless opportunities for employees and interns alike to leave their mark. What will yours be? Apply today.