Inclusion - The Enterprise; It’s the Power of Everyone

Kyle Brant has big plans for his career at Caterpillar, though in its beginning stages, he has his eye on the prize to reach the top role at the Stockton Facility.  Kyle’s drive is fueled by his personal experience of navigating through life with cerebral palsy. “I’m hoping to change the mindset worldwide so that anyone who is differently abled can have great employment opportunities,” Kyle stated.

Kyle Brant joined Caterpillar in a temporary position at the Stockton, England facility, which quickly transitioned into a business administration apprenticeship. Kyle has cerebral palsy, which impacts his speech and some motor skills, however he has demonstrated that it in no way impacts his ability to do great work at Caterpillar. Tonia, one of Kyle’s coworkers, stated, “Since Kyle came to Caterpillar, he’s touched a lot of our lives and opened up our eyes to what people with different abilities can do.”

The motivation to advance in his career extends beyond a drive for his own personal success. Kyle’s true passion lies in advocating for the employment of those with disabilities. Having cerebral palsy is only a piece of who Kyle is. He is also determined and motivated, always pushing himself to be better every day. Through his personal experience in a world designed for the “typically abled”, Kyle knows all too well the biases that can exist against those who are differently abled. Because of this, Kyle is committed to demonstrating that being differently abled does not define who a person is or what a person can do.

Kyle’s mindset matches Caterpillar’s commitment to an inclusive environment. We know that each person brings a unique perspective that adds immeasurable value to our global team. Opportunities for you to do the same are waiting. Search and apply today.