The Pivot: How One Team Made Major Impact Through Innovation

In the face of COVID-19, Caterpillar teams around the world have had to make changes in their day-to-day operations to continue meeting customer needs. Luckily, innovation is nothing new to us, and the eCommerce team showed just how much impact a pivot in plans can have on enterprise success.

In the wake of the global pandemic, a team in Caterpillar China was challenged to adjust to the landscape quickly to meet customer demands in eCommerce. The quick thinking and solutions-driven mentality within the eCommerce team in China resulted in enhanced outputs for customers. Since many customers are considered essential businesses, meeting their needs remains to be of critical importance to help them be able to continue providing critical support to areas across the world, which includes assisting in COVID-19 recovery efforts. The eCommerce team partnered with dealers to host live video broadcasts including parts, maintenance and inspection demonstrations drawing over 30k viewers per session. Marketing efforts, paired with a new method of payment, helped customers continue to find value in our eCommerce solutions.

“Our team pulled together to find ways we could connect with our customers, when their typical workday was turned upside-down,” said Irene Wang, China eCommerce Marketing Manager.  “We had to be creative to offer helpful advice and access to parts – knowing they couldn’t just run into their local dealership to grab what they needed.  Partnering with our dealers to deliver information through live broadcasts, showed us how our digital solutions could essentially bring the dealership to our customers stuck at home”.

This team, and others around the world making similar shifts in their function execution, demonstrated the power of innovation and quick thinking and the impact that has on the enterprise. Members of Team Caterpillar know that our customers don’t slow down when the world does because their businesses are essential. When obstacles arise, our customers need their needs met quickly without sacrificing quality; and the eCommerce team in China did just that.

Well done, eCommerce China, for pivoting your strategy to deliver quality support in the face of adversity. Are you ready to make waves with your innovative thinking and solutions-driven mentality? Search and apply today.