The Digital Age- Empowering Customers & Increasing Productivity

“We’ve got approximately one million connected assets, and we’ve got this digital capability layered on top of that. The sky’s really the limit. We’re discovering the use cases, new possibilities every day as this technology gives us new insights. We’ve got a solid base, and we’ve got a bright future ahead,” said Dan Reaume, Director of Analytics for Cat Digital. According to Jeff Krupp, the Director of Applications for Cat Digital, “Our connected assets are sending many channels of data, terabytes in total. Our models constantly have to be changing, shifting and becoming smarter as we move forward.” This data is used to inform decisions from design and engineering to supply chain and product maintenance.

When our personal vehicle's gas icon lights up, we know we need to head to the gas station before we run out of gas completely and have a bigger problem on our hands. Cat Digital uses data this same way to inform an asset's operator and the Cat Dealer it was sourced from that an issue needs attention before the machine is down. This gives the dealer time to prepare for the service visit and it gives our customers the ability to work proactively and more efficiently.

Just like employee-driven solutions evolved factories from using large steam engines to smaller electric motors, the Cat Digital team is developing and driving solutions to use data to make our products better and keep our customers in control. When we function at an optimum level and are constantly learning, we help our customers build what matters. 

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