3 Things Cat Digital is Focused on That Aren’t Technologies

September 5, 2023

Caterpillar Chief Digital Officer Ogi Redzic recently marked five years leading Cat® Digital – and there’s a lot to celebrate. In that short time, the group has grown from around 600 employees to more than 1,600, supporting Caterpillar’s transition into an increasingly digital world. Ogi recently sat down with a reporter from Accenture’s Industrialist magazine, reflecting on his tenure and considering what the future holds.  

First, Culture. 

No matter how well-planned a company’s strategy is, a nurturing culture is key to long-term success – as the old saying goes, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s essential to have the right people in the right place, ensure understanding of a common, clear purpose, and invest in employees and their development.  

“Once you have smart people, purpose, and the right alignment across the enterprise, it’s just a case of building and nurturing that culture,” Ogi says. 

Cat Digital New Employees with Cat Merch

It’s no secret – strong leaders lay out the strategy, communicate the vision, and empower their teams to do the work. While it’s easy to focus on headline-grabbing technology and products, the real story behind Cat Digital’s innovation is not what gets done but how it gets done.  

“What gets me most excited is having a fully engaged team, who, I’m sure, will come up with new ways of solving problems I can’t even dream of,” he says. “Our employees strive for accountability, belonging, a sense of purpose and some swag … bring all this together and you get some bold goals to drive work ethic, accountability and execution.” 

Second, Keep Things Simple. 

Whether leading 600 or 1,600 people, ensuring everyone is on the same page is critical. But it could be easier said than done in a fast-moving digital world full of endless possibilities. How does it work at Cat Digital? 

“One of the biggest success factors is keeping things simple,” Ogi says, “Keep asking, what is the problem we’re trying to solve? How do we define success? How do we measure success?” 

The Cat Digital team strives to use the same vocabulary to describe things and communicate clearly and consistently with business partners. The goal is to maintain alignment with the enterprise, dealers and other stakeholders.  

“If you talk to ten people within any company today about what generative AI is, you’re probably going to get some very different answers. It’s really important that we get to that core of using the same vocabulary. We’re not overcomplicating things.” 

Third, Relationships. 

Ogi is well-known for embracing Caterpillar’s strategy recognizing digital as a business enabler, not a business unto itself. The Cat Digital team shares key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals with business units across the enterprise. 

“At the end of the day, it’s about alignment with business units and sharing common goals,” Ogi says.  

Ogi recognizes our three primary segments, Construction Industries, Resource Industries, and Energy & Transportation are best positioned to understand their industries and customer needs and expectations. He also firmly believes that dealers will increasingly use digital technologies to engage with customers – positively impacting the customer experience in multiple ways.

So, clear communication and collaboration are crucial to everyone’s success. “Our job is ultimately to deliver business results,” he says. “We are here to help our business partners be successful. This clarity of purpose helps us prioritize which digital solutions to work on.” 

Read the interview in its entirety to learn more about Ogi’s thoughts on culture, simplicity and relationships – and what he thinks about exciting new technologies like generative AI, the metaverse and more. Want to join the excitement? Join Caterpillar today!