Case Competition Challenges Students to Solve Real World Challenges

Caterpillar recently hosted a student case competition where teams from multiple universities across the United States competed to propose solutions to a current business challenge Dealer Technician recruitment for Cat dealers.

Teams were judged based on their analysis of the problem, the impact of the proposed solution, and the implementation and communication plan for the strategy. The panel of judges included Caterpillar employees from a variety of different business units across the enterprise, providing diverse perspectives on the proposed solutions.

"Working on Caterpillar's HR case competition was an amazing learning experience. I enjoyed the opportunity to take the strategies I've been exposed to and apply it to an imperative business problem. Thinking through each aspect of the solution we proposed challenged me to stretch my thinking in a cross-functional capacity and provided exposure working on a dynamic team," said member of the winning team from University of Illinois, Madeline Kaye Sy.

First place was awarded to a team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, followed by Texas A&M in second place, and Ohio State in third place.

Marc Sepich, Cat Dealer HR Consultant, shared, “I was truly amazed with the analysis and recommendations from the college students who participated in the case competition. They took a real-life business problem we are currently facing and provided us with some really great solutions we have never considered.  No doubt we will be exploring and implementing some of their ideas to help us better attract and retain service technicians.” 

We are grateful to all the teams for their participation in this year’s case competition and for providing innovative and critical thinking. Are you interested in joining the team that does work that matters? Search and apply today.