Building a Culture of Trust

October 11, 2022

“For Caterpillar to be successful worldwide, we as employees need to ensure that we are open, curious, and willing to learn and adapt...By respecting others and taking the best ideas and actions from employees, we are able to harness the power of diversity to excel.” – Joe M., VP Distribution, Japan and Asia South 

A team of individuals from Japan, Singapore, China and India faced the challenge of learning to collaborate despite a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. The solution? Building a culture of trust. The team met in person for the first time and attended a workshop that helped them get to know one another personally and professionally through team-building activities. After taking an individual personality assessment, they were able to compare and see how their peers interact with the world around them. This helped show the team how to best relate and collaborate with one another. They formed guidelines on effectively communicating together to drive progress and impactful work for Caterpillar. 

“Now that we have established an inclusive environment where interaction on a more personal level broke down barriers, we see strengthened relationships between district teams that blossomed out of the time spent together… With this strong culture and behavioral guidelines in place, our team has become more aware of our expectations of one another while trusting that everyone is there to support each other to be successful.” 

We know that by working together, we can produce stronger results than any of us could achieve alone. That’s the power of everyone. 

Group Photo