Building a Career Through Development and Drive

May 7, 2021

Growth and skill development are important components to Caterpillar’s legacy of excellence and innovation. This can be accomplished through stretch assignments, continued learning, access to challenging projects and training opportunities that align with career goals. Alberto Quintero experienced multiple opportunities for training during his career, each one opening doors for new opportunities.

Alberto’s career has provided developmental opportunities and experiences that have moved him to various locations throughout Mexico. Starting as a general assistant in the Torreon facility 18 years ago, he has grown his skills in roles such as welder, team lead, instructor, and delivery lead; ultimately moving to his current position as a project engineer. Gaining various certifications and trainings along the way have helped him move through his roles successfully. Each transition was an intentional step forward in Alberto’s career, offering opportunity to master a skillset and build from it. “Caterpillar gave me the opportunity to experience the entire flow of a product from order to delivery, and that’s an experience like no other,” he said.

Alberto was voted Best Operational Excellence Team Lead and Best Section Manager. He says being recognized for his accomplishments makes him feel valued and motivated. “All the effort, sacrifice and preparation in my development has been worth every minute invested.”

Dedication, passion and commitment to bringing your best to work helps build a successful career. If you’re ready to put your drive and passion to work, search and apply today. 

Alberto Quintero
Alberto Quintero