'“18,000 Doers United by Their Love for the Brand”

At Caterpillar and Cat® dealerships, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by a community of brand fans. Together, we roll up our sleeves and get stuff done so our customers can build a better world.  We truly believe in the power and impact Cat products and services, and this passion is evident in our work ethic, engagement and innovations.  Once a year we dedicate a week to celebrate the Cat brand.

September 2020 marks the 9th consecutive year we’re hosting what we call a Brand Week.  The concept began more than a decade ago with a handful of employees, but has since grown to more than 18,000 members, all united by their “yellow blood.”

“It’s amazing how much an engineer in India has in common with an accountant in the United States,” says Liva Vosekalna-Marek, Brand Education and Advocacy program manager at Caterpillar.  “Not only are both highly engaged, but most importantly, they’re doers focused on our customer needs. Every Brand Advocate plays their part in making our customers more successful.”

Tyler, a Caterpillar assembler, is just one of our many brand fans on team Caterpillar. Find out why he put’s everything he has into the products he builds.

Are you a Cat brand fan too?  Consider joining the team that helps our customers build what matters!