Time Flies When You’re Having Fun – The Past 10 Years Have Never Felt Shorter for this Caterpillar Employee

As Bingling Chen puts it, life is all about choices, and her decision to join Caterpillar as a marketing trainee over 10 years ago was one of the best choices she has ever made. She says her career journey has taught her many things, but especially to be passionate, mature, and committed.

Chen began her career as a working mother, and entered her role differently than the rest. After graduating from the Caterpillar marketing training class, which consisted of field rep assignments and sales support roles, Chen was granted the flexibility to rotate in different roles before having to commit to a field assignment that would require intensive travel.

Being provided this alternate career path has served Chen well and given her a deeper understanding of the company, which has ultimately enabled her success in providing valuable advice to dealers and others within the enterprise.

A large portion of her success and job satisfaction comes from her Leadership team.

“I was lucky enough to have managers who demonstrated how to be great leaders. They are not only trusting people, but they empower their teams to make right decisions, and push individuals out of their comfort zones to take on bigger challenges.”

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