Meet the Woman Behind Caterpillar’s Presence at the World’s Largest Trade Show

No job is too big for Autumn Wickenhauser – as the Global Tradeshow and Events Manager responsible for Caterpillar’s presence at bauma 2019, the largest trade show in the world, she has spent the last 16 months planning to the big event – the end result for her, inspiring.

“I’m very passionate about brand and it was great for me to be a part of the planning process for bauma,” said Autumn, “to see everything you’ve been planning come to vision is breathtaking.”

Autumn began her Caterpillar career as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Caterpillar Visitors Center. It through this opportunity that she was able to first interact with our dealers and build meaningful relationships. She served in this role for four years before transitioning to her current position. She says that now, her job is similar, but is applied on a global scale.

Autumn says she and her team went into the planning process for bauma 2019 with the thought of evolution, not revolution. Since many on the team were new to their roles (including herself) they wanted to create a new look and feel while keeping some of the core brand essentials, and ultimately making it as immersive as possible. The goal was to provide a space where customers, dealers, and employees can all interact, connected through their passion for iron and Caterpillar. And they did just that, Autumn says the success of the show would not have been possible without the commitment, dedication and brand pride that each of the four members of her small team embodied.

“When it comes to an event of this magnitude, it truly takes a village.  Our small trade show team spent nearly a year and a half committed to the success of this event, but we would not have been able to execute it on the scale we did if it wasn’t for the helping hands of the more than 500 Caterpillar employees from around the world,” said Autumn.

Given the global reach of her position at Caterpillar, Autumn said she is appreciative of the flexibility she is given in her schedule to accommodate her interests and responsibilities.

“I’m honored to be a part of a group that really honors flexibility and frankly, encourages it,” says Autumn, “We believe results show up regardless of how many hours we put in and we’re given the flexibility to manage our schedules as we need it.”

Autumn is involved in many networks within Caterpillar and has a strong passion for the Women in Leadership initiative.  Additionally, she says the most important part of her job is focused oncoming in every day performing her best and creating positive conversations and relationships.  This drive comes from advice she received from her father as a child “work every day like you’re on a one-day contract and have to earn your spot back.”

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