Build Autonomous Solutions Today for Tomorrow’s World

July 13, 2022

For those interested in autonomy, don’t overlook the opportunities available to you at Caterpillar. We have been providing autonomous solutions to our customers’ most complex issues for years. These solutions support the full spectrum of our customers - mining, construction, hauling, demolition and more. Your skills will develop cutting-edge autonomous solutions that will be put to work in the present-day, with many projects moving from concept to dirt in 6 months, allowing you to quickly test your innovations. 

Prototype autonomous Cat® trucks were introduced in 1996. Since then, our haul trucks have amassed more miles than all autonomous cars combined. We have over 525 mining trucks running 24/7 at 20 sites around the world. Our solutions have expanded to include an autonomous water truck, as well as semi-autonomous and remote control technologies for a variety of customer industries. Through these solutions, we have helped our customers haul more than 4.3 billion tonnes with zero lost-time injuries. This means that in addition to helping our customers work efficiently, we are also keeping them safe, which is the work that matters most.  

“I see the pull for autonomous solutions in different applications. What sets us apart is the ability to see and plan for the end goal, being reached in a more compressed timeframe than other industries, which is a powerful thing,” says Autonomy Technology Strategist, Josh Struble. Josh has played a key role in Caterpillar’s autonomy journey, and now he’s envisioning the future. In his view, a big factor in Caterpillar’s continued success in this space is the evolution of our customer relationships to become collaborative partnerships working together to develop cutting-edge solutions. “Our customers have turned into partners to try new things. They count on us for rock-solid technology, based on past experience and our reputation. Autonomy was not developed in a vacuum, so having partnerships with our customers so we can develop real-time solutions is key.”  

So, where do we go from here? Our customers are seeing the benefits of autonomy on the jobsite and want to test the limits of technology. Building on our legacy of autonomous solutions, the next generation of Team Caterpillar has the opportunity to scale what is currently possible into never-before-seen applications in the areas of autonomy, robotics and tech-enabled solutions. Our high-performing teams of engineers and software developers collaborate to build, test, and validate the complex arrangements of hardware and software required to meet customer productivity and safety expectations. 

As the needs of our customers expand, we are building a skilled team capable of providing solutions to meet the challenges facing our customers. Because of the legacy of people like Josh, we are able to grow in the ever-evolving and fast-paced environment that is autonomous technology. The next generation of autonomy experts has a strong foundation of proven tools and solutions to leverage, bringing their bright ideas and fresh perspectives to make their mark today for a better tomorrow. 

Cat Machines at work