Sustainability at Forefront of this Caterpillar Facility

In Athens, Georgia 1,500 Caterpillar team members are hard at work supporting operations in logistics, supply chain, fabrications, assembly, quality and shipping. It’s not hard to miss the amazing products this team manufactures – these small track-type tractors and mini-hydraulic excavators are making a big difference around the world in the hands of our customers. But there’s more than meets the eye in the way Athens works… and it’s all about the future. Before the facility was built, the leadership team envisioned sustainability in the forefront in its construction, future operations and community impact.

An onsite waste management consultant created strategic systems that increased the recycling rate from 53% to 90%+ in the following areas:

  • 4,000 pounds of cardboard are diverted per day from the landfill - equaling a yearly total of ~1.3 million pounds recycled. 
  • 3 million pounds (approximately) of wood pallets were shipped out to be chipped for beneficial reuse in 2019.
  • 12,000+ pounds of office paper, plastic drums and barrels are recycled along with many large metal shipping baskets.

Energy conservation efforts pop up throughout the facility. Here are a few examples:

  • Around the building… A white reflective roof keeps the building cool and HVAC systems are energy star efficient.
  • (Not) In the air…You won’t find chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) based refrigerants. CFCs have been found to be destructive to the environment and ozone layer. Air filter systems throughout fabrications capture dust and other particles to help purify the air.
  • In the water… Onsite wells supplement the municipal water supply. Assembly wash bay water is treated and recycled. Ultra-low flow - but effective - automatic toilets and faucets are in the restrooms. Need a refill of water? Use the built-in bottle fillers at the water fountains.

Bring Work Home (In A Good Way)!

Onsite Sustainability Day events make it possible for team members to bring recyclable materials from home to work. This year, over 3 tons of materials were collected including 2.5 tons of wood, 300 pounds of cardboard and paper, 500 pounds of metal and half a trailer worth of items donated to Goodwill.

Not just great recyclers – Athens gives back to the community too

Athens is also investing in the team, community and future talent. Career development and the Learning & Education Assistance program is available for all team members. An Athens Community Engagement (ACE) strategy and team was developed to allocate resources towards key impact areas of basic needs, workforce readiness, early childhood development and community goodwill. Athens leaders are engaged with local educators offering apprenticeships and internships for high school and college students.

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