Caterpillar Provides Opportunities to Grow Both in and Outside of Your Role

Antonio Banegas has spent the last 20 years of his career working in a variety of roles ranging from Human Resources to Logistics and Distributions.  Today he works as a Dealer Customer Representative.

Initially, Banegas said he applied for a job at Caterpillar because of the possibilities for development beyond the job role itself. This type of development has been enables through his involvement with the Caterpillar Latino Connections (CLC) employee resource group (ERG).

He says ERG’s allow employees to service the community and bring opportunities to learn about other areas of the company while networking with individuals at all levels.

“Through the Caterpillar Latino Connections I have been able to serve our community, attend developmental & training events and network with other peers inside and outside Caterpillar.”

One event in particular stands out to him, as it served as one of the starting points for CLC. Banegas said he invited his manager as the time, to speak to a group of employees with Latino backgrounds during lunch. This discussion promoted the group to be founded a few months later.

Outside of CLC, he said he enjoys the opportunities that exist at Caterpillar to learn and adapt to changes in the industry while collaborating with various people. This is driven from a large focus on internal and external work that exist between employees, customers and business partners.

“Understanding Caterpillar’s business model, manufacturing processes (including quality) and corporate culture have given me a broad perspective of the world, a work career and life,” said Banegas, “it also has brought a lot of opportunities to grow and help to develop and influence those around me, near and far away who may come from a similar or different backgrounds.”

Caterpillar gives you the opportunity to grow wherever you are. Want to develop your skills and work with individuals across the globe? Search and apply for jobs now!