Caterpillar Brazil Employee Recognized for Hard Work

Meet Alfredo Stocco:

Alfredo Stocco began his career at Caterpillar Brazil - Piracicaba in 2000 as an Apprentice where he had an opportunity to learn about Assembly processes of the company. After a year and a half, he had an opportunity to work as a Production Mechanic. Now, Alfredo is part of HR Brazil Team where he gets to use his experience to help others.

Getting Recognized:

Alfredo was responsible for organizing a Christmas event in Piracicaba, where Caterpillar Brazil workers would deliver Christmas food basket to all other employees. The two-day event was attended by 14,000 people, including employees, trainees, apprentices and their families.

His main responsibility was to coordinate all actions, necessary decisions and alignments, which his team says required a lot of empathy, communication skills, risk analysis, resilience and teamwork.

For all his work, Alfredo received a coin from Sandi McCartney (Lead Human Resources Manager.) Although it was just a symbol of recognition, he says it was extremely rewarding to be recognized for a job that he developed.

“Being recognized by my team was wonderful! I did not expect to be recognized in this way. It was very sincere, legitimate and spontaneous.”

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