Advice from a Working Parent

May 19, 2022

Being a working parent can sometimes feel challenging. Business Development Manager Becky Taylor has built her 17-year career around overcoming challenges to find solutions that better the organization. Her drive and motivation are present in her professional life as well as personal life as the mother of two boys. Becky found ways to set boundaries and prioritize family time so she could succeed in both aspects of her life.

Self-reflection and actualization help Becky maintain balance. In the early days of being a working mom, Becky sometimes made the decision to prioritize work over family and personal events. Over the years, Becky learned how to assess each scenario based on what is right for her and her family. Work is always there – but as her kids get older, Becky understands how valuable her time is with them.

When Becky started setting aside family time, she found that her team was respectful of those boundaries. “I had to really put myself out there to show, ‘I am willing to do this,’” said Taylor. “Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean that I am any different than anybody else.”

Becky learned the importance of communicating to others how she wants to be viewed as a colleague and a mom. ​​​​​​​“Not only did I have to tell my team that message, but I also had to tell myself that, too. Work is always there and if I didn’t set those boundaries, then I would have ended up working while I had the few valuable hours of the day with my kids when they were actually up. I can’t tell you how many times I heard people tell me how good it was to set those boundaries.”

Finding ways to show up in all aspects of your life is critical to a sustainable career. Building a better world- at work and at home- is the work that matters. As part of Team Caterpillar, you will have a variety of options and support available to you to live the life you want for yourself- work included. 

Becky Taylor
Becky and family