The Makers Behind Caterpillar’s Advanced Components Manufacturing

January 30, 2024


Caterpillar’s Advanced Components and Manufacturing (ACM) team manufactures components ranging from gears and transmissions to scraper bowls and cabs for more than 50 customers worldwide. Not only are the components diverse in type, but also in size -- manufacturing hydraulic valves as small as five inches and large mining truck bodies that reach 15 feet high!

Last year, ACM manufactured and delivered nearly 68,000 cabs to customers around the globe. Additionally, they produced 756 truck bodies and 160 frames for Caterpillar’s Large Mining and Off-Highway Trucks. In order to manufacture various fabrications, they used more than 1,000 tons of weld annually in Caterpillar's Monterrey Fabrication facility alone. 

Progress doesn’t stop there. ACM also has some digital solutions in place, including automated guided vehicles that help with unloading and organizing inventory and robotic process automation that is providing facilities with the ability to automate repetitive back-office tasks, freeing up employees for more value-added activities.  

Employee Arms Crossed
Employee at Tool Bench
Welder Thumbs Up
Truck Bed
Cat Logo made of employees

We have a lot of innovative activities happening in ACM, but the best thing about ACM is the people. With more than 8,000 employees globally, collaboration and partnership can be found in every step of our journey. Team members from various departments will often be found stepping up to assist at different ACM facilities -- whether it’s to help a line catch up when manpower is limited or to implement and train each other on the newest digital solutions. The team even holds monthly meetings focused on topics such as Safety, Assurance of Supply, Defect-Free and Digital-Lean Transformation, where any employee can join to learn more and share their knowledge with peers and leaders.  

Without the skilled hands of our global manufacturing teams, the quality products that our customers expect from Caterpillar would not be achievable. Do you want to help make the machines that build communities around the world? Join our manufacturing team, the makers and the doers who go above and beyond to get the job done.