Tax Support Accountant // Constant Innovator

For Ádila Nunes Carmo, it was a professional dream to join the Caterpillar team. She said while growing up in Piracicaba, Brazil, the company was very important to the city and she watched several family members make careers at Caterpillar which she admired.

Ádila started her very own Caterpillar journey in the manufacturing area where she was responsible for Caterpillar machine manuals and indirect material planning. After six years, she was selected to start working in the Business Department where she’s remained the last three years.

Throughout her career, she’s participated in many interesting projects; each of which she says has had big impact. The continued opportunity to learn new things and the freedom to look for ways to improve are just a few of the reasons Adila is finding continued growth in her career.

“I like the possibility to improve and optimize work processes,” said Ádila, “At Caterpillar, all opinions are important, and everyone contributes their experiences and visions to enrich the resolution of daily problems.”

The work her team does, Ádila says, plays a key role in ensuring that a better world is built. Her team dedicates a great deal of time to analyzing inconsistences and finding opportunities for system improvements which help our customers do their business more efficiently.

“Besides developing my interpersonal skills, my career is an opportunity to do something I believe in, like helping build a better world.”            

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