A Day in the Life of a Caterpillar Intern | National Intern Day

To celebrate National Intern Day, we followed four students to see what a day is like for a Caterpillar Intern. While exploring different roles and facilities, we found one thing to be the same…

Gone are the days where interns are known for fetching coffee and filing paperwork. At Caterpillar, we believe interns bring fresh perspectives, new ideas and a willingness to work – which is why we provide them with meaningful tasks that drive our business forward every day.

However, don’t just take our word for it. To celebrate National Intern Day on July 25th, we followed four of our interns (Meghan Rest, Devin Williams, Naydeen Musaitif, and Jack Martinez) who work in various functions and facilities to see what the average day for a Caterpillar intern is really like.

“I get excited about coming into work every day knowing I have the opportunity to play a part in the success of Caterpillar,” says Jack Martinez, Marketing intern, “Knowing that I am able to use my ideas and knowledge to positively impact such a large company excites me and keeps me engaged daily.”

While Caterpillar interns have the opportunity to work in a variety of fields, one thing remains consistent: they’re a part of something bigger. Each employee plays a critical part in ensuring we’re providing quality products to our customers around the globe.

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