Four Employees Celebrate 45 Years at Caterpillar

Caterpillar employees around the world live by our values, and take extreme pride in the work environment they create. For the past 45 years, four individuals – Kee Say Neo, Chew Eng Lee, Teng Fatt Lim and Chin Seng Ler – have dedicated their careers to helping customers get the products they need from the Asia Distribution Center (ADC) in Singapore.

The ADC was introduced in 1967 and currently covers 19 dealers in the Asia Pacific region and ships 2.26 million lines annually to coordinate part distribution for Cat® dealers across Asia Pacific. 

Each of these individuals have a distinct role within their team and are known for their hard work and dedication during their 45-years of service with Caterpillar. Learn more about their journeys:

Kee Say

Initially a parts clerk, Kee Say is now a facility maintenance coordinator. In this role, he oversees building maintenance and repair work in two warehouses. In addition, Kee Say coordinates and supervises repair work in the warehouse.

“[I recommend] Hard work and taking instructions positively to complete assigned tasks.” – Kee Say

Chew Eng

Chew Eng started working for Caterpillar as a carpenter. Today, he is a team coach in the inbound packaging center and oversees assigning tasks to associates within the section. 

“In the blink of an eye, 45 years have passed and today, I am still very happy working here.” – Chew Eng 

Teng Fatt

Originally a store assistant, Teng Fatt currently works as a team coach and assigns daily tasks to his associates. Additionally, he assists with the workflow and shifting Caterpillar products. 

“I sincerely thank the management for their continuous support over the years.” – Teng Fatt 

Chin Seng

Like Kee Say, Chin Seng also started his journey as a parts clerk. Today, he is a team coach. In this role, he is responsible for conducting audits in the two warehouses.

“I am very grateful and really appreciative for what Caterpillar has done for me over these years and that’s the reason why I am still happy working till today.” – Chin Seng.   

Thank you to these four individuals for dedicating their time and talents over the past 45 years and contributing valuable additions that impact our company and customers. Interested in growing with us? Search and apply for jobs now!