Life Lessons from a 20-year Career

February 1, 2022

It’s quite unique to be with the same company for as long as Rachel Quam has, but she embraced her work anniversary by resurfacing her biggest learnings.

  1. You can go anywhere from here – that was the ad campaign at South Dakota State University while I was working on my electrical engineering degree. 20 years ago, I could not have imagined visiting all the places Cat has sent me including China, Thailand, Dubai, coal mines, underground mines, road construction sites, and quarries to name a few.
  2. Just say YES! Saying yes can open the door to amazing opportunities. You will never feel 100% prepared but take the leap. Saying yes can open doors you never thought possible.
  3. Never stop learning. I still learn something new every single day. It can be anything from technical details on a machine, how to run a specific report, who the expert is on a given topic, or even learning personal details about fellow employees
  4. Diversity is a beautiful thing. Different voices working together can solve challenges and bring truly revolutionary solutions to a project. The most successful teams thrive on diversity of thought.
  5. Your career is not meant to be a straight line. Embrace the journey. I firmly believe I’ve always landed in the right roles with the right people at the right time for reasons I didn’t always understand throughout my career.
  6. It is all about people and the connections you make. From customers to dealers to suppliers to colleagues…people are key. This company and industry are full of some of the best! I am so grateful for the friends I have made along the way.
Whether it’s 20 years or an internship, at Caterpillar your work matters. Are you ready to join the team?
Rachel Then
Rachel Now