Pricing & Revenue Management

Help us put a price on what matters.

How do we determine the value of what we sell at Caterpillar—every machine, engine, part and service? That’s where our pricing and revenue management team comes into play, identifying the smart financial solutions that work both for our customers’ bottom lines and for our own. And whether your job involves a one-dollar bolt or a multimillion-dollar machine, your work matters. You’ll be successful here if you’re a strong communicator, leader and decision-maker who:

  • Serves as a trusted guide and advisor
  • Operates with the highest levels of integrity
  • Comes to work every day energetic and ready to learn
  • Builds strong relationships with the people you serve

It’s not just a job. It’s a chance to build a career.

At Caterpillar, mobility, growth and continual learning matter. We encourage you to move through different pricing and revenue positions to find the area that best fits your interests and our needs. You may start off as a revenues analyst, managing the pricing of specific machines, engines, parts or services. From there, you might take on responsibility for merchandising plans, commercial pricing or value analysis. You’ll find leadership roles in all these areas as well.

In every assignment, you’ll have the chance to make the job yours—and make it better. Innovation is what drives us, and we want to hear your ideas for how we can do things differently. You’ll have a voice here and the opportunity to do meaningful work.