Manufacturing: The Heart of What We Do

Manufacturing is the heart of the economy. Without manufacturing, we wouldn’t have roads, bridges, buildings and so much more. Money invested in manufacturing adds value to the overall economy, and jobs created in a manufacturing facility result in new jobs in other sectors as well.

Many people understand the importance of manufacturing, ranking it among the most important industries for helping maintain a strong national economy. However, there is still a reluctance to pursue a career in the industry or encourage others to consider it as a viable option.

Some people have an unfavorable view of the industry due to the misconception that manufacturing jobs are not interesting, rewarding or accessible. There’s also a general misconception about the working conditions in modern manufacturing facilities, when in reality these facilities are clean, bright and utilize amazing new technology.

Each October, Caterpillar celebrates Manufacturing Day. In addition to giving us an opportunity to recognize our employees for their hard work, the Manufacturing Day initiative helps us dispel common manufacturing myths and make a positive impact on the public’s perception of manufacturing.

This year, some Caterpillar facilities are inviting students to tour their production floor, ask questions and learn more about career opportunities available at Caterpillar. Hands on activities such as welding simulators, 3D printing and "Foundry in a Box" will be provided so that students can experience firsthand the exciting and rewarding aspects of manufacturing careers.

Throughout the month of October, we’ll share more about Caterpillar’s efforts to influence the future of the manufacturing industry. Be sure to keep an eye out on for weekly stories about the following:

Caterpillar’s Efforts to Affect Public Policy

There are several key areas that Caterpillar is working to address in order to drive manufacturing competitiveness, including healthcare, energy policy, tax reform, infrastructure and trade. The actions governments take can have significant impact—both positive and negative—on Caterpillar, our employees, customers, stockholders, dealers and suppliers. 

Women in Manufacturing

The perception that the manufacturing industry is not conducive to women is another that Caterpillar is working hard to change through both the Women in Leadership initiative and partnerships with various local schools. We also sponsor global events such as International Women's Day and host an annual Introduce a Girl to STEM Day event.

Recruiting Students to Manufacturing

Reaching out to students and introducing them to the exciting opportunities available in the manufacturing industry is another key component to persuading them to consider a manufacturing career. Caterpillar is always working to build a pipeline of potential future employees through academic competitions, scholarships, internships, apprenticeships and mentorship programs.