Manufacturing: Our Political Engagement


Decisions are made by governments around the world that have an effect on our business, on us as individuals, and on our communities. It’s important to tell our story and share the challenges we face as a global corporation. We need lawmakers around the world to know what policies promote a competitive marketplace for manufacturing. For example:

  • Tax framework that allows manufacturers to compete on a level playing field around the world
  • Strong workforce with key skillsets ready to help our customers build a better future
  • Positive environment for trade to deliver our unmatched products and services to global customers
  • Advanced technology to improve efficiency so our customers can grow more profitably

At Caterpillar, we want to make a positive difference around the world. We invite you to join us. The world is a big place, and there are important issues before us.


We believe that Caterpillar and our dealers deliver the best products and services in the world. However, the actions governments take can have an impact—both positive and negative—on Caterpillar, our employees, customers, stockholders, dealers and suppliers. We think it is important for government leaders to understand the impact of these policies. We always strive to advocate for our business interests in a constructive manner consistent with all laws. 

CEO Jim Umpleby with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Group President Tom Pellette with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Solar President Pablo Koziner and team with California Governor Jerry Brown



Utilizing an engaged workforce, while demonstrating our commitment to free market principles, we will advance Caterpillar’s position with relevant government & non-government institutions around the world by:

  • Working with stakeholders to identify public policy issues of critical importance to Caterpillar
  • Utilizing Caterpillar’s brand image, political capital, and presence as a premiere U.S. manufacturing company with a global footprint to obtain favorable policy results
  • Maintaining disciplined cost-control while retaining our traditional value proposition; +++  
  • Utilizing a campaign approach with all of our tools, including employee letter writing, media strategies, coalition building and memberships, facility visits by elected officials, and engagement with our dealers and suppliers

We aim to provide thought leadership to policies and legislation to make a positive impact on our business while delivering value and sales for our products.


There are certain issues that affect Caterpillar, our customers and our people globally. Others are more regionally focused. Here are just some of the issues that we advocate for all over the world.

TRADE: Caterpillar has been a consistent voice for trade throughout our 90+ year history. Free trade requires us to continually improve our global competitiveness. If markets around the world are opened even further and if the international playing field is level, we can expect even more opportunities for Caterpillar. In our factories, trade looks like jobs. It’s the men and women who build our machines and components, the engineers who design solutions to make the world a better place and the support staff who make it all possible. That is what trade looks like at Caterpillar.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of a nation's economy. Infrastructure investment is a key enabler of sustainable development, economic growth, competitiveness and long-term job creation. An efficient supply chain is essential to the overall health of domestic and global economies. But in many countries, we are relying on investments made decades ago to sustain a growing and changing economy. Transportation networks are aging and underfunded. The challenges ahead are significant and will require a renewed commitment. 

ENERGY: Access to affordable and dependable energy resources is critical for the world's energy security and economic prosperity. Caterpillar is one of the world’s leading technology suppliers to the diverse energy market, and leverages its technology and innovation to meet the world’s growing energy needs. There is no single solution to provide globally abundant, reliable, secure, clean and reasonably priced energy. Caterpillar supports balanced and comprehensive energy policies that include the responsible development and utilization of all energy resources, both traditional as well as alternative energy sources.