Manufacturing professionals produce more than you can see with the naked eye

As dawn breaks over a large industrial park, people start to gather and the sound of a whistle signals the start of yet another workday. While employees work hard to bring their machines back on-line quickly, there’s even more energy in the air and it’s contagious. This energy fuels a high-voltage power plant to the world’s economy.

What does that mean? Simply put, for every one manufacturing job dedicated to producing goods or materials, more than three jobs are created in non-manufacturing industries. That means the world depends on the profession of manufacturing beyond its traditional outputs.

But, where are all of those other jobs? They’re everywhere. Schools need teachers and stores need clerks. Planes need pilots and everyone needs public works.   

So, the next time you think about the impact and value of today’s manufacturing professionals, you must look beyond the product these skilled laborers proudly produce. Modern manufacturing is innovative, high-tech and sustainable. Just don’t forget, it’s also an economy booster.

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